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Whois in control It a digital video installation. A retrospective on the IMAGE and the pop media cultures a reflection on the temporality of these forms and the aesthetics delivered by these information

vehicles It works as a digital sculpture where the presence of video art tacky typos and on-line TENDENCY GIF’s creates introspective digital installation from natural imaginaries generatinan introspective digital installation made from natural imaginaries generating a collage of mixed digital media experimenting with our daily image outputs monitor screens.

 Generative portraits of our world in a specific time and space.


It marks an update of the multi-channel video installation, a fiscal multiple-screen work that places images on top of another, as billboards on a highway or windows on a desktop, or error messages on a screen. Shifting different GiF’s, getting videos of archivists and storage systems, and self recorded natural videos with LO-FI resources claiming and discovering the path of the PROSUMERS.

I’m interested in using the EXCESSIVE amount of images and on line information as a way to grasp our own time; Facing with this pace the so called INFOXICATION which is prevalent in a digitalized society, where people don't know what to do with information. Where an organizing principle does not exist, what I translate as a lack of "transcendent narrative". Facing the truth that we don't have the answer to this information explosion.

Using the Walter Benjamins reference of the coincidence of image -and body- space want to create a process of putting forth or of absorption on this piece, a process which, with the total absence of distance and the construction of a self-related closeness, generate an energy on the viewer which, where the image invade the body, whereupon body and image become one, resulting, in effect, the leap into a mechanical space that questions:

                                              WHO IS IN CONTROL?


This art piece have being created for my graduates Final show, for this commission the work will evolve on its technological basis, I'm planning to develop an INTERACTIVE input where the user/spectators can write any word they want on a GUI on-line from their mobile phones, the piece will show several random GIF’s from the GIPHY API’s database related with this word. Making this way a live video piece.


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